Monthly report

Monthly report

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The performance of today’s financial markets is directly affected by a great many influences. Potential sources of income have also multiplied in recent years and are more interconnected and globalized than ever. This has made asset management an extremely complex business: it is very difficult to know exactly how much risk you have taken on, or to have a complete overview that allows you to really understand your investments. SássolaToday’s investor has access to a wide range of sources of information and to providers of investment products all around the world. While this has opened up many opportunities for managing your assets, it has also made it excessively difficult to draw useful conclusions for decision-making purposes. It is therefore vital to be sure that the advice you receive is of the highest quality and that it is objective and independent. This is exactly what you get from Sassola Partners. A new concept of Financial Advisory, transparent, more efficient, cheaper and available for everybody.

No conflict of interest

We work exclusively for our clients, and we have no vested interests in any financial product

Exclusive service

Our clients receive a level of service that until now was only available to those who are very wealthy, with access to the best providers of each sector


Our relationship with our clients is based on complete transparency. We believe there is no other way to build trust

Personal advice

We have the experience and resources needed to advise our clients over the long term

A great team

The Sassola Partners team is made up of financial professionals with over 20 years of experience in executive posts and wealth management