The Firm

La firma

What do we do?

Sassola Partners is a financial advisory firm whose mission is to help our clients achieve their goals when managing their assets. Financial advisory firms are regulated under the Securities Market Law (Chapter V, Article 64) and are supervised by the Spanish Securities Market Commission (CNMV). Sassola Partners EAFI is registered on the CNMV’s Official List of Financial Advisory Firms under registration number 140. Our firm is the product of the conviction that the asset management sector needs to do things differently. Clients need advisers who are truly focused on their goals – and nothing else. We have, therefore, made sure that we have absolutely no vested interests in any financial product. We have also organized our working practices to ensure you have the necessary regulatory protection and you can manage your assets with the utmost security. Sassola Partners does not manage assets or deposits and we do not make decisions on our clients’ behalf. We merely provide advice based entirely on your goals, we closely monitor the performance of your investments and we recommend changes when necessary to reflect market circumstances. Cómo lo hacemos

How do we do it?

Investors today can access any market in the world and can do so using the very best asset managers. It doesn’t make sense to try to compete with or outperform asset management companies with more resources and more experience. We study, analyze and compare the research and products of the sector’s best and most prestigious firms around the world. We advise our clients on how to best use all this information to put together the ideal portfolio to meet the goals that we have identified together. The client chooses the fund manager that inspires the greatest confidence to execute and manage the strategy under our supervision. There are no hidden commissions, no conflicts of interest and no surprises.