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Qué nos diferencia

What makes us different?

The service Sassola Partners offers its clients is special in a number of ways.

Genuine objectivity and independence: no vested interests

The moment your risk profile, the movements in your portfolio or the products you buy impact your banker’s or fund manager’s bottom line, your adviser’s interests are no longer in line with yours. Sassola Partners has, therefore, made sure that there are no circumstances that could generate  a conflict of interest with our client’s objectives.

You pay for the advice you receive, and this is our sole source of income. We believe this is the only way our clients can be sure that our recommendations are based entirely and exclusively on their interests, risk profile and wealth management objectives.

Great service with a difference

All our partners formerly worked in major financial entities and were top-level executives. They are therefore able to deal with clients and offer advice at a level available to few. They also have an unbeatable reputation for integrity. These are the key ingredients that allow us to offer an excellent and wide-ranging service.

We are well aware that we are living in a world where things are changing, and changing fast. It is no use, therefore, to attend to our clients’ business only at certain moments. It is vital to always be on top of the markets and how they are performing, and to be aware of how any changes affect the objectives of each and every one of our clients. This is Sassola Partners’ commitment to you from day one.

Complete regulatory protection and protection for your wealth

Recent events have shown that the monitoring of all types of risks is an important part of asset management. The best way to do this is to have a diverse range of providers for each service, and try to obtain the best performance from each one. Sassola Partners does not provide stewardship services for portfolios or cash.

Our clients choose their depository bank and investment manager. This allows us to give our clients the best advice as part of a wealth management structure that offers maximum peace of mind and is properly monitored.

Qué encuentra nuestro cliente

Benefits for our clients:

  • Security We believe using an independent financial advisory firm together with a separate depository entity and investment manager is the structure that provides the best protection for the wealth of any individual or legal entity.
  • Experience The experience of our partners and employees is a competitive advantage that Sassola Partners can pass on to our clients.
  • Flexible and approachable Sassola Partners is an independent financial adviser which offers its clients a level of service that was previously available to very few in the financial sector. Only a firm of our size with top-level professionals can offer such value to its clients.
  • Transparency When you work with other people’s assets, transparency is the cornerstone on which trust is built. Transparency is one of Sassola Partners core values.