Sassola Partners wants to be your key adviser. We therefore approach our business relationships with our clients with an eye on the long term. We have the experience and resources that enable us to work with our clients over long periods of time.

We offer:

  • Advice about asset and wealth structure
  • Advice on building an investment portfolio broken down by region, market and currency, based on your risk profile and specific objectives.
  • Selection of the most suitable products, issuer, managers and investment funds for each investment in accordance with the state of each market.
  • Individual, real-time monitoring of portfolios with no time limits.
  • Support and advice in other areas of wealth management where our experience is becoming a key ally of our clients.
  • Consolidated investment reports which give clients a global overview of the risks assumed, sources of income and the real costs of managing their wealth.



As a regulated firm, Sassola Partners’ fees are published on the website of the CNMV.

Can be found here.

Our fees are structured to ensure our advice is completely objective and are sufficiently flexible to allow us to adapt to our clients’ needs, provided these are in line with our principles.
Sassola Partners EAFI will refund to our clients 100% of any income we obtain in the form of commissions from third parties.

These commissions may be received because they are legally required to be paid when certain services or products are used or recommended.